About Us

Our Philosophy

We understand the important role PFI has in the local community and the positive impact a well-managed project such as a school, health or housing scheme can have on their lives.

Richard Clancy
Managing Director

From Pario’s inception back in 2006, the management team wanted to do things a little differently - focus on quality not quantity, put reputation and social responsibilities ahead of profit.

As Pario prepares to enter its second decade, we are still guided by that simple commitment to provide a level of service, expertise and an attention to detail that truly sets us apart.

Critical to this commitment is our impartiality which, thanks to our independence, allows us to provide solutions that are in the best interests of the project. From the outset our aim is to build our projects on a foundation of cooperation, understanding and trust. Nothing is gained from creating a toxic, adversarial atmosphere in a project and we work with all stakeholders to ensure a collaborative approach to achieving success.

To this end, we offer workshops, at our cost, to sub-contractors to ensure they understand their obligations and how best to fulfil them. We also offer guidance and assistance with reports and audits to ensure they are providing accurate information that focuses on key areas and is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

We also provide workshops, again at our cost, to facility staff such as teachers and caretakers so they not only have a better understanding of how PFI works, but critically, what it should be delivering.

This has proved invaluable in an important and often overlooked part of managing a project - making sure the people using the facilities are satisfied and are able to raise any concerns to our management team. We take the time engage with them cultivating close working relationships to ensure that any concerns can be addressed before they become an issue.


The right people on the right projects

Not all projects are the same. Each has its own nuances and demands and we take great care to choose the team with the right expertise and experience to ensure the project thrives.

Our team of highly skilled professionals come from a range of backgrounds and are exceptional at what they do. They are passionate about their projects and feel a very personal sense of ownership and great pride in the projects they manage.

But in a technically complex industry with projects that continually evolve throughout their life cycle, staying on top of the latest changes in law and best practice can be challenging. That is why we have developed a structure and monitoring system to give our teams all the support and assistance they need.

Each team is allocated a mentor who will help guide and support them, and in the event a complex problem occurs, the mentor will then step in and manage the issues leaving the team to continue the day to day management of the project without distraction. We have found this approach to be highly successful in expediently resolving issues whilst continuing to deliver a superior level of management to the project.

We also conduct regular internal reviews to ensure projects are on target and we are exceeding the expectations of the Shareholders and the client. This helps us identify any areas we can improve and develop an appropriate action plan to prevent issues from occurring or escalating.