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Project Scope

The Lilac consortium has constructed 74 properties on 40 sites located throughout the Leeds area to deliver purpose built homes to 343 adults with mental health needs or learning disabilities as well as four schemes for children. All the schemes with the exception of the children’s respite centre are designed to accommodate a small number of residents, in either separate flats or apartments and are designed to blend into the community by having the appearance of standard housing whilst having an internal fit out that meets the particular needs of each individual tenant.


Project Details

Services Provided: Full SPV Management

Location: Throughout Leeds City Council Areas

Capital Value: £57m

Whole Life Value: £255m


Pario Bullet Leeds City Council
Pario Bullet Jack Lunn Construction Ltd
Pario Bullet Nord LB
Pario Bullet Gleeson PFI Investments Ltd
Pario Bullet Jack Lunn Properties Ltd
Pario Bullet Progress Care Housing Association Ltd

Facilities Created:

The project consists of:
Pario Bullet Purpose built homes across 40 sites
Pario Bullet Housing over 340 adults with mental health needs or learning disabilities
Pario Bullet Four schemes for children


Challenges & Achievements

Whilst Pario have only been involved in the project since 1st April, 2011 the Pario team have in fact managed the project from inception through both the bid and construction phases and have therefore gathered extensive knowledge and expertise on this project.


Our Scope

  • Technical Management

    • Relationship and public relationship management;
    • Management of issues within the contractual framework;
    • Project Execution Plans (PEP) outlining key dates and obligations;
    • Ensuing Planning, Building Control and utilities discharge consents are in place;
    • Performance monitoring, reporting and payment mechanism administration;
    • FM service audits; Directors health and safety training and audits;
    • Life cycle analysis and fund management;
    • Disaster recovery and contingency planning; and
    • Management of dispute resolution
  • Financial Management

    Pario Bullet Contract Compliance
    Pario Bullet Attendance at  Authority/FM review meetings
    Pario Bullet Commercial dispute resolution
    Pario Bullet Management & Board reporting
    Pario Bullet Statutory accounts
    Pario Bullet Financial administration, including raising unitary invoices, processing sub-contractor payments and maintenance of accounting records
    Pario Bullet VAT compliance
    Pario Bullet Loan administration, compliance & reporting
    Pario Bullet Financial model updates
    Pario Bullet Sub-debt administration
    Pario Bullet Variation costing and financing support
    Pario Bullet Liaison with tax advisors and auditors
    Pario Bullet Insurance procurement and claims processing
    Pario Bullet Financial advice on contractual issues
    Pario Bullet Refinancing support
    Pario Bullet Attendance at client meetings.
  • Commercial Management

    Pario Bullet Negotiations with the client over implementation of the project agreement and impact of variations to output specification;
    Pario Bullet Discussion with the commissioning client regarding robust project implementation;
    Pario Bullet Recovery of the cost of variations in order to maintain project returns and IRR;
    Pario Bullet Management of sub-contractors to deliver in accordance with relevant agreements;
    Pario Bullet Subcontractor negotiations on variations;
    Pario Bullet Negotiations with sub-contractors over variations and commercial disputes;
    Pario Bullet Endeavour to obtain best value insurance premiums, either through negotiation or obtaining competitor broker quotes; and
    Pario Bullet Efficient financial management to minimize projects costs
  • Company Secretarial


    Pario Bullet Preparation of documentation: We prepare the agenda, meeting pack and any additional materials to ensure that each Director is fully briefed and therefore can engage in the discussion and reach informed decisions during the meeting.
    Pario Bullet Decisions and deliverables: After each meeting we accurately complete the meeting minutes, detail any action points and their owners and distribute to all parties in a timely manner.

    Annual Compliance
    We maintain the following statutory registers:

    Pario Bullet Members   Pario Bullet Charges
    Pario Bullet Trustees   Pario Bullet Shares
    Pario Bullet Secretaries   Pario Bullet Directors’ interests in the company

    In addition to this we also maintain:

    Pario Bullet Statutory books   Pario Bullet Complete and file annual returns
    Pario Bullet Complete all other general corporate administrative duties      

    We provide advice on corporate governance when required. This includes advising the Board of Directors of the provisions of the Shareholder Agreement and Articles of Association.

    We also ensure the directors are alerted when any legal regulation requires the consideration of the board and if any actions are necessary. For example, changes to the Health and Safety laws, Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy.

  • Health & Safety Compliance

    We help guide the nominated Director in Health and Safety matters by ensuring it is given the proper regard; all actions are recorded and minuted; that obligations passed through to the subcontractors are appropriately discharged; and where required, give specific and accurate advice.

    We also assist in the compilation of a bespoke Health and Safety policy and discharge periodic audits of the subcontractor’s Health and Safety arrangements to ensure the obligations are appropriately discharged.

  • Lifecycle

    We ensure that the FM provider plans all lifecycle work adequately such that the project gets value for money. Furthermore, all works are monitored to ensure that it is being undertaken to the highest standard and quality.

    We also ensure that there are formal processes in place to accept and sign off any lifecycle works.

  • Variation Management

    We manage all variations to ensure that they are cost effective, fall within the scope of variations as detailed in the Project Agreement (PA) and any future impact to lifecycle is taken into account and increased costs are appropriately applied.


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